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There are multitudes of great reasons to visit Napa Valley. With its world-famous wineries, vineyards, hot springs, and history – not to mention breath-taking scenery and landscapes – this is one of the top “bucket list” items for many people.

But in the midst of all the things to see, places to go, and experiences to savor, a truly “must-visit” stop is Cal Mart in Calistoga, arguably the finest grocery store in Napa Valley.

If this is your first visit to Napa County and Napa wine country, you’ll find Calistoga perched at the Northwest corner of the country, located between State Route 128 and the scenic Silverado Trail.  And you’ll find Cal Mart situated in the heart of downtown and we’re a favored destination stop for visitors and residents for over five decades.

From petrified forests to hot springs to hiking trails, Napa Valley has much to offer and plenty to see. So, why would a visit to well-loved, locally owned grocery store be a top item on your Wine Country list of places to see?

Here are five great reasons why you will want to make Cal Mart a must-visit destination when you’re in Napa Valley.


Every Great Grocery Store Must Offer Fresh Deli Meats

Cal Mart is no exception.

From breakfast meats to dinner mainstays, our fresh, house-made and locally sourced meat products, as well as products from a variety of gourmet meat purveyors are sure to make your next meal a delight. No matter whether it’s full service, sit down dinner with friends or family, or an intimate picnic lunch near a vineyard, you can find the perfect meat choices at Cal Mart’s delicatessen.

And you can have your deli meat packaged or as a meat tray and even in a sandwich. Of course, for most of us, a great meat must have the complement of a fine cheese, and at Cal Mart, we’ve got you covered.



Your Napa Valley Source for Gourmet Local and Imported Cheese

It’s difficult to imagine a world of food without cheese. And it’s hard to picture not having gourmet and specialty cheeses. Which is why Cal Mart has put so much work and passion into providing Napa Valley with some of the finest cheeses from around the world.

Variety is the soul of gourmet cheeses, which is why we offer cow, sheep, goat, and even buffalo and raw milk cheeses. In addition to a plethora of imported international cheeses, we continually stock domestic cheese varieties from across the United States , as well as many cheeses that local to Northern California and Napa Valley.

Of course, if your preference is to create meat and cheese platter with fresh deli meats and delectable gourmet imported cheese, a fine wine is a practically obligatory. Unless you prefer a great craft beer!




Enjoying Napa Valley with a Great, Local Craft Beer

One of the greatest things about authentic craft beer – beer from small, independent brewers – is the sheer number of craft beer labels and varieties. According to the Brewers Association, in 2021 there were just over 1,880 microbreweries in the U.S.

Add in the estimated 7,230 or so regional craft brewers, and taprooms and brew pubs with their own brews, you have over 9,000 different craft beer brewers to choose from. And, of course, almost all of these have several varieties each.

So, it’s probably true then that you’ll never have time to try them all, but the good news is that the vast selection of craft beer varieties at Cal Mart is available to give you a great start.

From local brewers such as Stone Brewing and Russian River Brewing to dozens upon dozens of other great labels, you’re sure to find the right craft beer for your next get-together.



Fresh seafood

Even in the “landlocked” Napa Valley, fresh seafood is always in demand and, at Cal Mart, always available. Being just 50 miles or less from famed Bodega Bay, for example, and the Pacific Ocean certainly helps, however!

While fresh meats and cheeses traditionally go well with wines, fresh seafood has traditionally been a challenge when it comes to wine pairing.

As Food & Wine notes,

Pairing wine with seafood isn’t a difficult task. Think in terms of weight and substance—delicate raw fish and light, briny shellfish go best with equally delicate, light white wines. Similarly, a piece of grilled swordfish will go better with a richer, more substantial white (and if the fish is served with, say, a red-wine reduction, a red wine may even be the best choice).

At Cal Mart, you can find a wide selection of fresh seafood and shellfish items along with a variety of hand-cut meats, house-made as well as all-natural sausages.



Napa Valley Wine Gift Baskets

Of course, any trip to visit Napa Valley and the wine country is a good reason to bring home gifts for those special people in your life. And, while a bottle or two of a hard-to-find local wine is a great idea, incorporating them into a “wind and cheese” gift basket can be an even better option.

But there is so much more that one can do with a gift basket!

At Cal Mart, some popular gift baskets include a gourmet selection of cheese, crackers, fruit, and even sliced meats. But, instead of a fine wine, these baskets can be ordered to include a small selection of local craft beers, ales, seltzers, or hard ciders, for example.

Themed gift baskets are always a wonderful choice, and these can be more traditional “romantic” themes that often incorporate a Napa Valley sparkling wine or champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and possibly champagne flutes, as well.

In addition to fine, specialty foods and drinks, other creative items one can add include nuts, candies, assorted chocolates, and even candles!

Unique and beautiful gift baskets from Cal Mart are just one more reason to make us a prime stopping place while you’re in Napa Valley.



When You’re in Calistoga and Napa Valley, Cal Mart is a “Must-Visit” Destination

Cal Mart has been a family-owned and independent grocery store for over 50 years. We have provided a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for customers for more than half a century now, and we are proud to be a long-standing part of our community in Calistoga and Napa Valley.

This is why we work hard to always be considered “Napa Valley’s Finest Grocery.”

Our commitment to service and love for what we do is evident in the quality of our specialty foods selection, our fine deli meats, and our gourmet cheeses.

Along with our wide selection of fresh and locally sourced grocery items, as well as unique and hard to find food products, Cal Mart boasts a superb delicatessen, our gourmet cheese department, a huge selection of quality wines, and a diverse and impressively wide variety of craft beers.

Looking for that special something to put a finishing touch on your shopping selections?

We have a fresh and colorful selection of flowers and plants that care perfect for any occasion, as well as beautiful gift baskets, and so much more. So, make it a point to stop into Cal Mart and take some time to explore all that we have to offer.

And while you’re here come visit our deli and talk with our knowledgeable staff. You can even treat yourself to a cup of gourmet coffee or tea from our Coffee Bar, as well.

Cal Mart in Calistoga is the place where you will always find something that is unexpected, unusual, uncommon, and amazing!