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You may have plenty of choices for a gourmet-style lunch while in Calistoga, but there’s really just one destination for the best in specialty sandwiches.

There is something about a fresh-made deli-style sandwich that appeals to the taste buds that can’t quite be matched. And the specialty sandwiches we offer here at Cal Mart’s delicatessen will certainly tantalize yours.

While a sandwich paired with a fine, local wine or craft beer is a combination that can’t be beat, we can also complement your meal with one of our signature salads and even fresh fruit. And there are plenty of scenic spots through Napa Valley – or right here in Calistoga – sit and enjoy your meal.

In fact, you can have the folks in our deli prepare a box lunch for something especially memorable to enjoy at your final lunch destination.

Whether you end up at a park under some magnificent oaks or pausing at one of Calistoga’s world famous wineries in Napa Valley, you’re bound to find plenty of enchanting spots to have an impromptu picnic. With a decorative box containing your fresh made specialty sandwich, a refreshing salad, and a delightful serving of fresh, organic fruit, your wine country lunch is complete. 

Of course, there’s going to be a bit for dessert as you finish your lunch – perhaps a house-baked cookie – and you’ve got all the makings of a perfect lunch on a sunny, Napa Valley day.


5 Specialty Sandwiches from the Cal Mart Deli to Suit Your Tastes

5 Specialty Sandwiches To Order From Cal Mart

Our extensive signature sandwich and grilled panini menu is headlined by our specialty sandwiches and we’ve highlighted five of them here.


1. Cal Mart Tri-Tip

Few things say “California” like tri-tip. In fact, in many other locales throughout the U.S. it is often referred to as a “California Cut” by meat cutters. And few sandwiches say, “Napa Valley” like one of our Cal Mart Tri-Tip specialty sandwiches.

Using our house-made tri-tip along with Toscano salami, cheddar cheese, red onion, tomato, and lettuce, we finish it with mayonnaise and BBQ sauce. Oh – and you get the option of adding a horseradish spread on your choice of bread to complete this masterpiece.


2. Cal Mart Porchetta

For those possibly unfamiliar with this Italian favorite, porchetta, which means “little pig” in Italian, is a slow-roasted pork belly roll, pork loin, or whole pig, with the rind always included. A traditional recipe requires butterflying the pork, stuffing it with herbs, rolling and tightly securing it with butcher twine, and slow-roasting it to perfection.

Our house-made porchetta is dressed with grilled onions and Arugula, a spread of pesto aioli, and served up on a Dutch Crunch roll. 


3. Cal Mart Club

The Club, or clubhouse, sandwich is a classic and is possibly one of the most iconic “grown-up” sandwiches out there. And the Cal Mart Club is true to the traditions of a classic clubhouse sandwich recipe.

We feature house-roasted turkey breast, bacon, and Havarti cheese topped with lettuce, tomato and lightly dressed with Ranch dressing. And all on your choice of one of our fine bread.


4. Cal Mart Muffuletta

A whiff of New Orleans with a definite Sicilian bent, the muffuletta was said by some to have been created in a New Orleans grocery in 1906 by delicatessen owner and Sicilian immigrant Salvatore Lupo. 

Our traditional-style muffuletta sandwich consists of ciabatta split horizontally and covered with layers of Tuscano salami, Cal Mart ham, provolone, and mortadella, all dressed to perfection with our sub dressing and tapenade.


5. Pork Loin Sandwich

A perennial favorite featuring pork loin, the leanest and most tender of pork cuts. Our signature pork loin sandwich is a gourmet delight with our house-roasted pork loin, swiss cheese, roasted red peppers and balanced with baby spinach. 

A spread of Dijon on your choice of one of our premium deli bread and you have a memorable meal between two slices of fresh bread.


Make the Most of Your Visit to Calistoga with One of Our Cal Mart Specialty Sandwiches

You can find us located in the center of downtown Calistoga, which is situated between State Route 128 and the scenic Silverado Trail.  Cal Mart has been a destination stop for visitors and residents for over 50 years now.

Cal Mart is a family-owned and independent grocery store that has provided a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for customers for more than half a century. We are proud of our reputation and work hard to continue earning the title of “Napa Valley’s Finest Grocery.”

Our love for what we do and our commitment to service is evident in the quality of our delicatessen and our specialty sandwiches. 

And, along with our great deli, Cal Mart boasts a gourmet cheese department, an intriguing selection of specialty foods items that are unique and hard to find, a huge selection of quality wines, and a diverse and impressively wide variety of craft beers.

Looking for gift items? We have a vibrant collection of flowers and plants for any occasion, beautiful gift baskets, and more. We invite you to make it a point to stop by and take time to explore all that we have to offer. 

While you’re here visiting our deli, please feel free to talk with our knowledgeable staff and even treat yourself to a cup of coffee or tea from our Coffee Bar.

And remember: at Cal Mart, you will always find something that is unexpected, unusual, and uncommon!

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