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Gourmet Cheese

Gourmet Cheese for the Napa Valley | Cal Mart in Calistoga CA

Cal Mart has cheeses from all around the world, as well as our own backyard. We can help you find just the right one for your meal or event.

Cal Mart Offers an Amazing Collection of Gourmet and Specialty Cheeses

We put our passion and personality into bringing you some of the finest cheeses from around the world. Cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, and raw milk cheeses are all represented. Cheese varieties local to Northern California and Napa Valley, are available, as well as many cheeses from across the United States and international cheeses.

A Delicious World of Cheeses

Our wide and unique cheese selections are produced in a variety of ways and include Farmstead or Farmhouse, Artisan, Co-op, and Industrial cheeses.

Because we know that not everyone is familiar with these different cheese producing methods and terminology, here’s a brief overview:


Sometimes called farmhouse cheese, is produced only using milk from animals raised on the same farm where the cheese is produced.


These cheeses may also include milk purchased and transported from other farm sources.


A member-owned business where cheesemakers pool their resources for cheese production.


Also known as “Industriel” cheese, these are mass-produced cheeses that are easier to make and more available to the public.

Beemster Cheese wheel at Cal Mart

The art of cheesemaking followed the domestication of milk-producing animals perhaps as far back as 10,000 years ago. Cheesemaking is mentioned in ancient Greek mythology and depicted on ancient Egyptian tomb murals dating back over 4000 years. 

However, cheesemaking truly flourished just within the last 500 years or so with many of the popular cheeses we eat today, such as Cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan, and Gouda, being relatively new in the history of cheese.

And the art continues with a flourish right here in Napa Valley and the Wine Country, some of the best is available right here at Cal Mart, including:

In addition to the hundreds of wineries in the Napa Valley, dozens of unique bakeries, and locally sourced, farm-fresh produce and specialty foods, farmers and cheesemakers proudly craft a delectable variety of locally produced cheeses.

A Cheese for Every Occasion and Every Taste

At Cal Mart, we pride ourselves on our world-class selections of different and unique cheeses from around the world, and from around the wine country. This means we can offer you both fresh, local cheeses and superb local wines for a truly authentic experience! 

Our expert staff can help you by providing you with the origin, country, style, and tasting notes for each cheese, along with a good wine selection to pair with your choice of cheese.

Many of our Farmstead and Artisan cheeses are hand-cut and wrapped and may be cut to your desired size. We can also create your own personalized cheese trays for any event, large or small. With our vast selection of specialty and gourmet cheeses, your options of hand-picked cheeses are almost limitless. 

Speaking of special occasions, our cheeses can make for a wonderful and unique gift basket theme with exotic, specialty cheese such as buffalo milk cheeses or strictly local, Farmstead and Artisan selections, to a “European Tour of Cheeses” including choice samples from various countries. And for a classic gift basket arrangement, a simple, expertly paired wine and cheese

Gourmet Cheese & More

At Cal Mart, our Napa Valley Gourmet Cheese department offers much, much more than just cheese. We also offer a full complement of specialty foods that will help to make your gourmet cheese experience a memorable delight. 

We carry a wide selection of gourmet nuts, pate’, crackers, jams, and jellies, which are just a few items among the vast array of products available in our Gourmet Cheese department.

As we are located in Napa Valley and situated in the heart of the California Wine Country, a great bottle or two of superb, local wine is a “must-have” for any occasion and most any food. And this certainly includes gourmet cheese!

Our Gourmet Cheese department is conveniently located right next to our Fine Wine department, which means we can easily pair your cheese to your wine event. In addition, we can also prepare custom cheese platters for individuals, local wineries, and events.

Specialty and Gourmet Cheese from Cal Mart – Calistoga’s Best

Located in the historic city of Calistoga, at the north end of the Napa Valley, Cal Mart has been in business since 1968 and has long been considered one of Napa Valley’s finest grocery stores and markets.

Cal Mart is home to a dedicated family of employees who share a love of food and a strong commitment to our customers, our purveyors, and our community.

Situated conveniently in the heart of Calistoga, Cal Mart is a family-owned and independent grocery store providing job opportunities for local residents and others. Together, we all work to provide a unique and memorable shopping experience for our customers as “Napa Valley’s Finest Grocery.”

In addition to gourmet and specialty cheeses, if you are looking to find something that is truly unique, rare, and of world-class quality, be sure to take some time and explore all that we have to offer. Feel free to talk with a knowledgeable staff and then treat yourself to something that is unexpected, unusual, and uncommon.

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