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Looking to create your first, holiday charcuterie board and need a little help? No problem! Charcuterie is a French term for a branch of cooking,

Devoted to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, ballotines, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork.”

Sometimes referred to, albeit erroneously, as a cheese board, the charcuterie refers more specifically to the type of cooking involved to create the contents of a charcuterie board. Practiced from at least the first century in ancient Gaul, French charcutiers have, for centuries, produced a traditional range of cooked or salted and dried meats, which varied from region to region.

Today, charcuterie boards can include other tasty items such as olives, berries, and cheeses.

And the holidays lend themselves especially for bright, festive, and sumptuous holiday charcuterie boards and displays.


Creating a Distinctive Holiday Charcuterie BoardCreating a Distinctive Holiday Charcuterie Board

Regardless of the occasion, the foundation for any charcuterie board is the selection of cooked, dried, or salted meat products. And we can help with that part of your holiday creation with specialty meats from Cal Mart.

While traditional boards will primarily feature pork meat selections, mostly cured, including various sausages, you can be creative here, as well.

For example, goose breast pâté or sliced roast beef or prime rib can serve to change things up a bit while offering known crowd-pleasers for your guests. According to one culinary site, cured meats were born of a need to conserve meat for months after the slaughter of the animal.

Salting, smoking, and air-drying are the three processes that transform fresh meat into a long-keeping staple. Which also makes them perfect for a charcuterie board, even during the holidays.

For example, consider adding a selection of Calabrese Salami along with some Genoa Salami and Prosciutto, a traditional salt- and air-cured Italian-style ham.


Every Holiday Charcuterie Board is Better with Specialty Cheeses from Cal Mart

While few kinds of cheese could be considered truly “seasonal,” there is always room on a holiday charcuterie board for a Napa Valley cheddar, brie, and blue cheese.

Of course, there are dozens upon dozens of other fine cheeses that will serve nicely on a holiday-themed board. And the meats and cheeses need not sit alone as it is the holidays, after all.

As an article from Today.com notes,

“Jimmy Kennedy, the chef at Cabot, recommends filling out your board with different types of bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, crackers, pickled veggies, olives, charcuterie, and condiments like whole grain mustard, sweet jam, and honey. Kennedy emphasizes that the cheese should always take center stage, but tasty additions can ‘help enhance the flavor and appearance of a lesser quality cheese.'”

And, last, but obviously far from least, no holiday feast is complete without a choice holiday wine selection. And Cal Mart has you covered in this arena, as well.

Of course, with such a wide and inviting selection to choose from, picking out just the right wines to pair with your holiday charcuterie board can be somewhat intimidating for most.

Fortunately, there are plenty of wine experts – for both charcuterie and fromage – to look to for reliable advice, as evidenced by these suggestions from EatingWell.com:

“If you love charcuterie boards, your wine is chardonnay.” –  David Choi (@winewithdavid on Tik Tok)

“Lambrusco, a fizzy Italian red that’s amazing with meats and just so happens to be one of the best wines for Thanksgiving, too.”

“Or try any white sparkling wine, such as cava, prosecco, or Champagne—the crisp acidity and bubbly nature of all of the above will be super refreshing and can help cut through the richness of your charcuterie board components.”

And, if you and your guest’s taste tends more towards brewed libations, check out our impressive choice of craft beers, ales, ciders, and more.


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