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Tony moved to Calistoga from Michoacán, Mexico in 1981 to live with his uncle when he was 14 years old.


Tony Joining the Cal Mart Team

Key Employee Corner: Antonio “Tony” Salomon

In June of 1986, Tony joined the Cal Mart team as a Courtesy Clerk doing tasks like bagging, sweeping, and sorting bottles(the days before CRV). He laughed when telling a story about when he first started helping the stocking team, some of the workers played a funny prank on him which became an ongoing joke at Cal Mart to this day.

They told Tony to quickly run over to ACE Hardware and grab a “shelf stretcher”. He started heading out to go get one, but one of the workers stopped him and told him it wasn’t an actual thing!


Tony Has Done A Little Bit of Everything.

Key Employee Corner: Antonio “Tony” Salomon

Tony certainly has come a long way from his “shelf stretcher” fetching days. Tony has worked for Cal Mart in many capacities, but now is currently among the Admin team running the entire billing and inventory point of sale systems.

He is the guru of IT items and one of the main go-to guys if you need anything dealing with technology.

Don’t fret, you may see him out on the floor on occasions, adjusting pricing, hanging tags, or checking new items.


Why Tony Has Dedicated 35 Years to Cal Mart

Key Employee Corner: Antonio “Tony” Salomon

When asked what made him stay with Cal Mart for the quickly approaching 35 years, he stated the support and flexibility. Cal Mart has been so flexible throughout the 35 years, from going to college, getting married, having kids, having time to spend with his family, Cal Mart has backed him! When it was mentioned that 35 years isn’t a common thing anymore, he said he was lucky. Tony said that Cal Mart has “just always made it all work”.


What Will Tony Do After Cal Mart?

Key Employee Corner: Antonio “Tony” Salomon

What’s the plan for after Cal Mart?

Tony just laughed when asked what his plan was. He said years ago, when he was stressing about college and other things, someone told him, “Don’t worry so much! Live in the present!”

He said that he looks back and realizes he truly took that to heart and choose to live in the moment. No rush here Tony! Cal Mart hopes Tony will be sticking around for many years to come.


Thank you, Tony!

Thank you Tony for all of the hard work that you do for Cal Mart! You are rock solid, dependable, and amazing worker and member of the Cal Mart Team. Cheers to 35 years of success!