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Rudy moved to Calistoga from Tulare, CA when he was 6 years old. He attended school in Calistoga and graduated from Calistoga JR/SR High School.

Rudy Gonzalez - Dairy Buyer - Cal Mart Calistoga, CA

In September of 1987, Rudy came to work for Cal Mart as a bagger and was referred by Tony to Bill. Rudy was working for Calistoga Produce at the time but wanted to have something full-time.

Throughout the years, Rudy has had many roles with Cal Mart from cashier to his current role as the Dairy buyer and opening PIC (person in charge).

Rudy Gonzalez - Dairy Buyer - Cal Mart Calistoga, CA

When asked why he stayed for the last 34 years, like many others, it is because of the support and flexibility that Cal Mart provides. He said that he really loves all his coworkers and the team that he works with every day.

Rudy is a busy man! He currently coaches his youngest of 3 boys T-Ball team, works full time, and is also a school board member for CJUSD! The flexibility that he has with his work schedule lets him be a great dad, coach, and volunteer for his community.

Rudy Gonzalez - Dairy Buyer - Cal Mart Calistoga, CA

Looking towards the future, Rudy said that he can’t even think past tomorrow while laughing. He says that he hopes for a healthy and happy future and years to come. Thank you Rudy for your 34 years of dedication to the Cal Mart team. Your humor, love of life, and spunk is a great addition and keeps things interesting every day!