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Although it has become less common in many places throughout the country, bringing a bottle of wine as a dinner guest is still considered proper etiquette by many.


As VinePair notes,

“When bringing wine to a dinner party, the first thing you must understand is that the wine should always be seen as a gift you’re giving to the host. Wine is a thank you for hosting you, so while the bottle you bring will most likely be opened while you’re over, one should never go in with that expectation.”

And giving a bottle of fine wine as a gift for almost any occasion is still quite popular among most people who appreciate a good bottle of wine. Although large parties are a great setting for giving wine as a gift, birthday and wedding celebrations can also call for a special bottle of wine.

In a similar vein, gift baskets have long been a thoughtful and greatly appreciated gift option. 

Gift baskets never go out of fashion and always delight their recipients. And the variety of baskets range from Easter baskets to the traditional “fruit and nuts” version common with upscale hotels, to massive baskets for special occasions. 

And gift baskets are perhaps the oldest form of gift packaging.

According to one blog post,

“It’s impossible to say precisely how the gift basket became such a modern-day staple. It remains one of our earliest recorded methods of gift giving (since baskets were a lot more common than sequined wrapping paper back in the B.C. days), and despite all the advances we’ve made technologically and culturally, it still clings on. Of course, part of that may be because everyone loves getting gifts, and there’s something so whimsical about getting a gift basket that it always catches us off guard. And well, sometimes novelty is really the best part of getting a gift.”

However, one of the unique aspects of living in, or simply visiting, Napa Valley is the proximity of so many world-class and world-renowned wineries. And having such easy and immediate access to so many varieties and types of fine wine lends itself to purchasing bottles for gift-giving. 

And that’s where fine wine and gift baskets can combine to make a memorable gift idea that says “Napa Valley” unlike anything else.


Give a Gift of Napa Valley With These 3 Wine Basket Suggestions

Nothing Says Napa Valley Like These Fine Wine Gift Baskets

Giving a fine wine gift basket from Cal Mart can literally embody the essence of Napa Valley. And the great combinations and themes that are possible with a Napa Valley fine wine gift basket make it almost certain to be a unique and one-of-kind gift.


1. Red Wine Baskets

For example, your gift basket can be built with a select bottle or two of Cabernet Sauvignon from local vineyards such as Freemark Abbey, Pine Ridge, and Tom Eddy. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world’s most widely recognized red wine grape varieties and Napa Valley is one of the most notable regions for this classic.


2. Sparkling Wine Baskets

Or maybe sparkling wines would be more suitable for your gift basket occasion. Then a unique fine wine gift basket could contain a large bottle of Ruinart Rose Champagne, Mumm Napa Cuvee “M” or perhaps a 2016 Blanc De Blancs Half-Bottle.


3. Organic Wine Baskets

And, for a truly unique fine wine gift basket selection, you could opt for one (or two!) of the many Certified Organic wines produced by a number of local Napa Valley wineries such as Frog’s Leap, Casa Nuestra, V. Sattui, and Honig Cellars.


Food Pairings to Go With Your Fine Wine Gift Baskets

Along with a few bottles of local fine wines of most any variety, be sure to include a gourmet selection of cheeses, local nuts, and perhaps a baguette of French bread from one of Napa Valley’s premier bakeries such as Costeaux French Bakery or Model Bakery.

When you want to share a piece of Napa Valley, there is nothing quite like a present of a fine wine gift basket to fit the bill. 


Make It a Napa Valley Fine Wine Gift Basket from Cal Mart

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