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One of the surprising things about living in Calistoga, a small city of just over 5,000 people, is the rich and varied offerings of food and drink available.

In addition to world-class restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and full-service spa resorts, there’s Cal Mart. While we’re not a restaurant nor a resort, we can say that we have the best meat and seafood selection in our corner of Napa Valley. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as the Napa Valley Meat and Seafood market!

Meat and Seafood from the Highest Quality Local SourcesMeat and Seafood from the Highest Quality Local Sources

Cal Mart has always made it a practice to source our meats from farmers and ranchers who uphold sustainable and humane livestock and agriculture practices. Simply put, this means we only buy our products from those farms and ranches that avoid the use of antibiotics or added hormones, and whose livestock are raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens.

Healthy and humane is a hallmark of our meat purveyors. And, in addition to maintaining carefully controlled high-quality feeding, and humane treatment of livestock, and exceptional animal management practices, our vendors are committed to environmentally friendly farming and ranching practices that are good for the earth. Cal Mart is proud to partner with providers of fine meats that are also dedicated to careful and responsible domestic resource management policies. Their ongoing, sustainable practices are an investment in our local environment, and together we are all contributing to a lasting change for our future.

Where to Go for Great Hand-Cut Meats and Fresh Seafood and Specialty Foods in Calistoga, CA

Almost every grocery store and market will offer a selection of meat products and, often, seafood, as well. And depending on the type and size of the store, the selection might be extensive.

And, sometimes, not so much.

More than likely, the selection will be limited and somewhat generic. In other words, beef, pork, and chicken. Often frozen and much of it from large meat processing plants scattered across the country. Nothing special, nothing particularly high-quality, and extraordinarily little that is local or organically raised.

However, at Cal Mart, we offer freshly packaged meat items including:

  • Rocky® Free Range Chicken from Petaluma Poultry
  • Superior Farms Lamb Products
  • Hispanic Variety Meats
  • And House-Ground Beef, Pork, and Lamb Products

We are also quite proud of our specialty foods selection that includes our house-made sausages that come in a dazzling variety of flavors such including garlic fennel, apricot and ginger, and hot and mild Italian. Our quality meat products are sourced from grass-fed or grain-fed animals raised on 100 percent vegetarian diets.

In addition, several of our specialty foods and meat suppliers are certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and are not dependent on outside feed sources.

Looking for seafood options?Goose is a seasonal treat that many people do not know where to find

At Cal Mart we offer a well-stocked freezer selection of freshly frozen seafood and shellfish products. And along with quality seafood items, our freezer selection includes harder-to-find meat such as:

  • Rabbit
  • Quail
  • Duck
  • Goose (A Seasonal Treat!)

And you’ll love our butchers and meat and seafood staff!

We’re always glad to provide additional services such as special cuts, boning, and even cracking your crab selection for you. Need a special order? No problem!

At Cal Mart’s Meat and Seafood department, we are committed to doing whatever we can do to help you create the perfect protein course for your next meals.

The Cal Mart Meat and Seafood Selection is the Best in Napa Valley

You’ll find Cal Mart in the heart of charming downtown Calistoga, located between State Route 128 and the scenic Silverado Trail. We are proud to say, too, that Cal Mart has been a destination stop for visitors and residents for over five decades. Cal Mart, a family-owned and independent grocery store, has provided a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for customers for more than half a century now. And we are understandably proud of our community here and our own reputation. And we continue to earn the title of “Napa Valley’s Finest Grocery.” Our love for what we do and our commitment to service is evident in our exceptional meats and seafood, the exotic selections that are available, and our knowledgeable butchers ready to help you. And, along with our great meat and seafood items, Cal Mart offers a superb delicatessen, a delectable gourmet cheese department, a broad selection of quality wines, and a diverse variety of craft beers, ales, and ciders.

By the way, are you looking for gift items to go along with your meat and seafood selections? We have a fresh and colorful stock of flowers and plants perfect for any occasion, as well as beautiful gift baskets, and much more. We invite you to make it a point to stop by and take time to explore all that we have to offer. While you’re here visiting our deli, please feel free to talk with our knowledgeable staff and even treat yourself to a cup of coffee or tea from our Coffee Bar.

Cal Mart – where you will always find something that is unexpected, unusual, uncommon, and amazing!



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