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Coffee, Tea & Smoothies

Coffee to go for the Napa Valley | Cal Mart in Calistoga CA

Delicious coffee drinks made fresh here at Cal Mart to help start your day. Feeling like something fruity? We have smoothies to quench your healthy thirst.

CalMart’s Coffee Bar featuring Peet’s Coffee and Tea!

From Coffee, Tea, and Smoothies, we have it all for you. On those hot days in the valley, what could be better than a refreshing smoothie made with organic ingredients or the new Javiva Blended coffee drinks from Peet’s Coffee and Tea.

Sweetie pies at Cal Mart
The coffee menu at Cal Mart
Iced drinks menu at Cal Mart

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local, domestic and imported wines at Cal Mart

Fine Wines

With the number of wine enthusiasts that live locally as well as travel to the Napa Valley Wine Country we endeavor to reflect a worldly and robust array of wines to please the palate, as well as bringing the best wines and winemakers the valley has to offer.

Specialty meats at Cal Mart

Meat & Seafood

Our state-of-the-art facility and new service counter allows us to provide and display our hand-cut meats, house-made all natural Pork or Chicken sausages, Bacon and a fine selection of fresh Seafood from around the world.

Cal Mart has Fresh, Local and Organic Produce

Fresh, Local Produce

Cal Mart’s already extensive produce selection is ever increasing with organic produce choices. We buy from local farmers and support our local community. We love offering seasonal specialty fruits and vegetables along with organic choices for you to enjoy.

The Cal Mart Cafe

The Cal Mart Deli

You can visit our Deli and see what’s cooking for today. From Breakfast Burritos, Baby Back Ribs, Roasted Salmon, and the best Mac-and-Cheese in the Napa Valley. You can always find something that you will tell your friends about.